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Coffee, Café, 咖啡, Kopi, Kaffee, コーヒー, 커피, Кофе, กาแฟ for you skin.

Do you have cellulite? Have you ever asked yourself why? Did you know it has more to do with the lack of circulation to the surface of the skin than that of being overweight? Cellulite for women especially causes them to become insecure about their bodies and they should not because this is how the body reacts to several different factors. What you eat, and what we put on our skin affects us in different ways. At times, it goes unnoticed, other times, reactions happen instantly. The eating of certain foods, primarily dairy can also cause cellulite. One can reduce the appearance by daily exfoliation with our coffee bar soap, from Mozuorganics. This soap does not only contain coffee, it...

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